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Morro de Sao Paulo - Cairu - Bahía

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Morro de São Paulo

The cosmopolitan Morro de São Paulo is located on Tinharé Island, 248 km away from Salvador. Morro is one of the most coveted destinations of Costa do Dendê, which has environmental units with great ecological value and high degree of biodiversity, environmental quality of ecosystems and strong cultural traditions. The breath-taking scenery of Morro de São Paulo is inhabited by a rich and diverse array of flora and fauna. To get there you need to take a catamaran or a plane in Salvador. Or, go by car or bus to Valencia and from there take a boat or a speedboat. Morro has only four "exploited" beaches and two main streets, but there is room for everyone, literally. Young backpackers from south of Brazil, North America and even Europe arrive on the tiny harbour in search of the restless (and famous) night life of the village.


The buzz reigns in the Aureliano Lima Square and Caminho da Praia Street (packed with restaurants serving from homemade local food to Italian), extending to the Second Beach - the beaches are not identified by name, but in numerical order.  The First Beach is about 300 meters and is the most popular beach by the natives and those who wish to practice sports. It is the only beach that has larger waves, so it ends up being perfect for surfers!


The island is also a destination for many couples and families who seek and find peace. Yes, the town is small, but has well-demarcated territories. If you are looking for some peace and quiet, the third beach is quiet, with some hotels and restaurants; while at the fourth, tranquillity reigns supremely. In these last two beaches, the natural pools of clear waters are perfect for diving. In addition to the "numbered" beaches, Morro still has the Encanto (or fifth), Gamboa and Guarapuá beaches. Gamboa beach is where you can find the famous clay wall, which is great for the skin. Take a bath on its waters and you will have a very soft skin!  For those who live in large cities, Morro seems like a place out of this world. To begin with, there are no cars in the island. Everything is done by foot (everything is so close to each other that this is not a problem at all). There is no bad weather. When it rains, it lasts no more than 30 minutes and the sun returns to shine and all the clouds go away!


The people are very friendly and welcoming. They treat all tourists very well. Even those who are working are always smiling and cheerful! Things that are not so common in our day to day life in the city. You also don’t need shoes or fancy clothes. You’ll be wearing flip flops and bathing suits all day long, even at night!


What to do during the day?

Besides staying at the beach sunbathing, you can take boat trips around the island, go surfing, stand up paddle, kite surfing, etc. If the tide is low you can walk to Gamboa (it is about 25 minutes from Morro), said to have quiet and beautiful beaches! Morro has one of the longest zip line in Brazil and it is an amazing experience! You have a wonderful view from up there and you fall directly into the water.


What to do during the night?

The "night" begins before the sun goes down. From the beach, go straight to Toca do Morcego to see the most beautiful sunset of the island! There you can have drinks, eat and listen to local bands play.

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